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Why LAX Battle

  • The best pre-season game prep!
  • A combination of live games ensures lots of touches and improved stickwork over the course of the program….just in time for the season!
  • Play with the same team each week to get comfortable with players!
  • A limited number of players on teams to ensure max touches for every player.
  • Increase stamina, warm up your stick and improve skills for the first day of school tryouts!

Program Notes:

  • No discounts for missed Sundays or cancellations due to weather.
  • Charm Nation reserves the right to adjust this program.
  • US Lacrosse membership is required (at additional cost) for all players for insurance and liability purposes, with no exceptions.




LAX Battle

9th – 12th Grades, $85

December 7th  – January 4th

Saturdays (8 am - 10 am)

5 weeks / 5 games total @ Myers Pavilion


Perfect pre-season warm-up! 5 weeks of league play designed to get you ready for the season! High school teams will play full field indoors at Myers Pavilion with game times rotating on Saturday. This live play experience will ensure each player gets lots of reps while enhancing game awareness & speed and improving stick skills & lacrosse IQ.

Players may request to be on a roster with a friend(s) and each player will be assigned to one team to play on for the duration of the program. Rosters will be capped at a certain number to maximize reps for each player. Teams with more than 14 will be split into 2 teams with possible free agents.

Scores will be recorded and playoffs will be held on the last Saturday to determine winners! 1st and 2nd place teams will be named with the winner being awarded the Lax Battle Trophy AND a Spirit Award will be given to the team who exemplifies the most team spirit over the 5 weeks! Players must wear a reversible pinnie (available at registration) OR teams may decide on the same color tee-shirts to wear.


Program Details:

  • Each team plays 5 total games
  • Teams rotate time slots each week.
  • Saturdays include a 45-minute live full-field game each week
  • Games are running time, no halftime
  • There is limited individual coaching during this program with the focus being more on team concepts.
  • Please be warmed up and ready to play at the start of your time slot!
  • This program is subject to change based on registration numbers.



  • No on-field warm-up, players should arrive 20 min early to stretch/pass on side of the field. Please find teammates to stretch and pass when you arrive. You should be ready to play the game at the start of your time slot!
  • All games will be running time, no halftime.
  • Our coaches will be in charge of 3-4 minute sub rotations for all teams; we strive for even playing time for all players.
  • In addition to the Lax Battle trophy, we will award the team with the most TEAM SPIRIT at the end of the program. Teams should discuss what colors to wear each week after week 1.
  • All players should wear a reversible pinnie (if you ordered a Charm Nation pinnie, please bring your own if you have one in case we run out before new shipment arrives) OR a team color tee shirt.

Players cannot play without a mouthguard.